Wholesale Organic Galangal from Kauai

We specialize in growing premium, organic galangal for wholesale purchases. All of our fresh galangal is handpicked on the beautiful island of Kauai, with shipping available globally. The organic galangal we grow is only available in bulk purchases to businesses only and is an excellent choice for use by gourmet chefs and restaurants.

Certified Organic Galangal

Where Food Comes From Organic certifies all of our produce organic. In addition, we are also Food Safety Certified through the Hawaii Department of Agriculture and Primus Labs. We take pride in providing only the best, certified organic produce for wholesale distribution from our family farm in Hawaii.

Grown in Kauai

Our farm is located on the beautiful North Shore of Kauai, with rich organic soil, year-round sunshine, and pristine water; it serves as the ideal location for our organic farm. The soil of Kauai has a high mineral content being composed of volcanic soil. It allows our organic farm to reduce inputs and water consumption.

Each April we plant our galangal, we tend to it throughout the year but don’t actually harvest until January through April of the following year.

Organic Galangal has a Unique and Exotic Flavor

Galangal is known by many names, including galanga, kha, Thai ginger, and laos. It is a rhizome plant and goes by the scientific name Alpinia Galanga. It is also within the ginger family Zingiberaceae, and although it resembles ginger physically, it has a distinctly different taste.

Galangal has been cultivated since 600 AD and originates from Indonesia. It continues to be used for culinary and medicinal purposes since the ancient days. It can be used in the raw form, however it is quite hard and requires a very sharp knife to cut it. It is often ground into a powder, which makes it easier to work with, and is more commonly called for in recipes. It is often found in Thai, Indonesian, and Malaysian cuisine.

Galangal is slightly larger and much harder than ginger, and often has a shinier and whiter skin. It has a strong flavor, more flowery, piney, and sharp than ginger, and it also boasts a strong citrus scent. It is often sliced very thinly and compliments many Asian flavors and dishes. Galangal can be used fresh or frozen to preserve it longer.