Wholesale Organic Products from Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai Hawaii FarmWholesale Bulk Ginger

Our beautiful Organic Hawaiian Yellow Ginger can be purchased fresh directly from us to businesses only. Ginger is sold in 30 pound boxes with 45 boxes per pallet available seasonally from January through April. We offer pallets only and no longer sell single boxes. We do NOT offer powered or candied Ginger.

Please email us for pallet pricing and shipping options.

Wholesale Ginger Puree

Due to a demand from large organic manufacturers for organic ginger as an ingredient, we process our fresh organic ginger into frozen puree. Our Frozen Organic Hawaiian Yellow Ginger puree can be purchased in 40-pound pails all year round. It can be shipped directly to you by your frozen transportation expert – 36 pails per pallet – or via Fedex with dry ice. FOB Turlock-CA. Please email us for our current pricing and with your anticipated quantity needs. One-pound samples are available for $75.00 prepaid by check, which includes dry ice, handling and packaging charged to us by the warehouse. We require your FedEx account number for standard overnight shipping.

Please email us for quantity pricing and shipping options.

Wholesale Bulk Turmeric

Fresh Organic Turmeric is available from January through July of each season. It is available in 30-pound boxes and there are 45 boxes per pallet to established businesses only. Single boxes are not available. We do NOT offer powdered Turmeric.

Please email us for pallet pricing and shipping options.

Wholesale Bulk Galangal

Fresh Organic Galangal is available from January through April.

Please email us for quantity pricing and shipping options.

Frozen Organic Galangal Puree is available on a contract basis.

Our Organic Growing Season

Ginger, turmeric and galangal are planted in late March and early April. After hand planting individual pieces of the rhizomes in a trench and covering with dirt, a single sprout emerges in four to six weeks and is carefully watered and hand weeded until late November. Organic amendments are added during the growing season, along with the hilling up of the soil, forcing the root to branch out and grow upwards. All of this is very labor intensive and our dedicated workers accomplish these tasks all day in the weather. The harvest starts in late November for ginger and turmeric, and sometime in January for galangal.

The harvest process is done mechanically to loosen the dirt under the roots and then lifted by many hardworking hands, put in baskets, taken to our wash line, washed and graded and stored on drying racks. Then the product is individually inspected, trimmed, and graded again once dry. Finally it is put in 30-pound boxes for fresh market sales, or bags for puree or juice customers, and palletized.

All fresh ginger, turmeric and galangal is harvested and shipped within 3-5 days of harvest. We only send the freshest product!